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Mark Quinn: Extreme Team Leader

It has been only five weeks since Bedzzz Express has implemented the changes to their stores. As with any change it takes time to work; but when you overhaul so many things at one time it can take even longer. The key to real change will be the focus Bedzzz Express puts on training and measurement, but early signs are positive.

  • Average Ticket Growth 15%
  • Advertising Results: Traffic Increase of 12%
  • Web Page Views: Increase + 477%
  • Search Engine Traffic: + 6,200%
  • Media Equivalency Value: $86,951.00
  • Total Media Impressions: 93,439

Consumer Feedback

We asked 8 consumers to shop one of the Bedzzz Express stores that had not been renovated and then shop one that had. Key learnings from this group qualitative research:

  1. Consumers noted a much different/warmer environment to shop in. The new colors and graphic images added a lot to the shopping experience as one person noted, "It just seemed more inviting. It was a nice store to shop."

  2. The accessory display was a substantial improvement over the steel racks featuring mattress protectors.

    "They had a nice selection for me to shop and I loved the fact that I could see and interact with the materials that were in the pillows."

  3. Many of our shoppers made comments on the process of shopping for a pillow.

    "When I shopped the stores that were not renovated, I didn't think anything about testing out the beds and using the pillows that were featured as part of the display. But when I shopped the new stores, I loved the throw away pillow protector that they gave me to use when testing out my own pillow selection from the display. I would not want to use pillows that other people had been using. The new way is much cleaner and more personal."

  4. The brochure also added something to the shopping experience.

    "The salesperson greeted me right when I walked in and explained the process that I was about to go through. They asked me questions about my sleep and that kind of took me off guard."

    "I was overwhelmed when I first walked in and saw all of the beds. When they used the brochure, it made it easier to understand how to shop for my new bed and I learned some things about sleep I did not know."

    "I went from buying a bed to understanding something more about my sleep and how important it was."

  5. So how did our comfort test work introducing the adjustable bed early in the sales process?

    "I had no idea how comfortable adjustable beds were!"

    "My husband has snoring problems and I never knew that an adjustable bed could help him with that."

    "I have some back pain and when he raised my feet up it made a big difference. I would have never considered buying one if I had not tried it out."

  6. When it came to shopping for a value price point or something for the guest bed it was unanimous. Everyone agreed that if someone took the time to explain that Bedzzz Express sold beds utilizing the most recent innerspring technology, VertiCoil, they would buy one every time over the industry standard bonnell coil.

    "If someone were to tell me that it was new technology, I would buy it for sure. We wouldn't buy an older model computer or television so why would we buy older technology in our bed."

We learned a lot about the programs that we had put in place and some of it inspired change from the original direction:

  • We found out that some of the banners and placement of those banners needed to be changed.
  • John and I were surprised to hear that the neon signs in the front window were not as offensive to the female consumer as we might have suspected.
  • When reviewing the new advertising layout, they loved the new look but did not like how large the lifestyle image was because it caused the writing below it to be too small.
  • And the most impressive comment was the overwhelming belief that the Bedzzz Express sales associates made all of the difference.

Renovated or not, Keith got high marks on almost every shop because his people were helpful and not the typical high pressure salesperson.

The bottom line is that we need to listen to the consumer to understand what works and what doesn't. If we don't ask the customer, then everything we do is based on an assumption that we make and we all know where that can go.

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Less Than a Month, And Not Only Has There Been An Increase, But They Are Just Getting Started!

Brian Croft - Director of US Retail Sales

Herman Tam - Head of Marketing, Consumer Products Group (Sleep Related Products and Accessories)

Average Ticket Before: $764
Average Ticket After: $820
Difference: $56 INCREASE

Why the Increase?

  • Before the Makeover - 1.8% of their mattresses were sold with an adjustable
    After the Makeover - 2.8% of their mattresses are now sold with an adjustable...they had a 56% increase in adjustable bed sales!
  • Before the Makeover - NO pillow protectors were sold as they did not have them.
    After the Makeover - 2.85% of their mattresses are now sold with a pillow protector, making this pure incremental sales volume.
  • Before the Makeover - NO sheet sets were sold as they did not have them.
    After the Makeover - 1.4% of their mattresses are now sold with a set of sheets. Again, this is more incremental sales volume.

Not Too Shabby

Especially if you consider this is with less than one month of performance under their belts AND that they did not have stock in place or pricing established for the new products until two weeks ago when we arrived for the final part of the makeover.

Additionally, they were introduced to the scorecard at that time, therefore there were only two weeks of performance that they knew they would be held accountable for delivering performance in these key areas. Stephen added a couple new categories...delivery fees collected and gross margin. Measuring these key categories will prevent the sales people from "packing in" all of the accessory items, which was a major fear of Keith's.

We have a trainer, Brian Reedy, that will be spending a considerable amount of time with the Bedzzz Express team conducting one-on-one training sessions with them. He is going to focus on two categories at a time, which will be adjustables and upgraded frames over the next 90 days. Limiting the focus to just two categories will make it less overwhelming for them, since there are so many new products. Once they have experienced growth in these two categories, Brian will shift the focus on to two different product categories.

Now that their sales people have stock, pricing, and are being held accountable on their performance...and know what their being held accountable on...we will see performance continue to grow.

To get a real picture of the impact everything that was implemented had on sales is to take a look at what happens 90 days from now. I am curious to see the scorecard for June...my experience tells me that they will double their performance.

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Take Your Brand Message to New Heights. Here are the Results to Prove It.

John Walsh - Director of L&P Creative Services

  • 12% increase in store traffic, as of May 1.
  • 60% of the Bedzzz Express RSA’s are currently using the new “Sleep Well Experience” Brochures and say that it’s making a difference in their sales. It positions them as a “sleep expert” and consumer reaction is very positive.
  • RSA’s are utilizing the “Rest Assure Triple ZZZ Guarantee” banners and table tents to assist them in the sales process.
  • Extremely positive consumer reaction to the new interior (colors, banners and branding).

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Tom Hawkins - Director of L&P Internet Solutions

  • 6,200% increase in organic search engine traffic.
    Now contributes over 62% of all site traffic!
  • 477% increase in site page views. Up from 1,050 to 6,065 estimated page views per month (and still climbing)
  • Reduced Site abandonment rate to 17% (they enter the site and leave immediately) DOWN from 70%

Targeted Web Marketing Provides Significant Improvement And Opportunity

With the new amazing amount of traffic now being generated by our Search Engine Optimization (5,000 estimated page views) and the incredibly reduced abandonment rates, the new Bedzzz Express site will now convert many more site visitors to view the products, see the ad, download a coupon, and then find a local store location where they can make a purchase. This will generate many more sales leads from consumers who are ready to purchase and will now be easier to close the sale from our pre-selling benefit statements and messaging being communicated on the site.

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Over $80,000 Worth of Media Generated by Effective Public Relations

Mary Leigh Wallace - Vice President of RLF

Birmingham Business Journal article
Media Equivalency Value* = $1,041.55 (1:1 ratio, no inflation)
Impressions = 17,000

Furniture Today's print and online coverage
Media Equivalency Value = $7,075.27 ($5,919.77 in print, $1,155.55 online)
Impressions = 23,497 (20,220 in print and 3,277 online)

HFB print and online coverage
Media Equivalency Value = $78,834 ($72,745.20 in print, $6,089.9 online)
Impressions = 52,942 (50,000 in print and 2,942 online)

*Media Equivalency Value = What it would cost to purchase advertising for similar exposure

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