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Why does a retail store owner need public relations?

  • Effective marketing effort that protects your image
  • Builds relationships with target audience
  • Increases awareness and complements your other marketing efforts to drive more traffic to your store
  • Improving your image in the community improves your brand

Follow the story for Bedzzz Express to see how effective Public Relations can be, or just view the results

The best PR services that have been effective for a retailer like you include:

  • Writing a Public Relations plan
  • Composing an annual editorial calendar
  • Developing strategies to get earned media coverage (versus paid media coverage)
  • Planning events for your store or identifying potential events to sponsor.
  • Finding ways to bring recognition to your store - awards from community and civil sources in order to raise your profile and create a better image in your community
  • Media training for all employees interacting with the press
  • Press releases/ press release templates

Projects begin at $10,000, and includes a staff of public relations, marketing specialists, and experts in media.

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